This tool allows you to easily keep track of the items you have collected for the Legacy of the Dragonborn Gallery. Simply sign in via Nexus and start collecting items.

I make no guarantees for the availability of the plattform and cannot be accounted for data loss.

Recommendations for use

Here is a link to the current Changelog

Currently this tool allow you to:

Data Usage

This page stores a session cookie on your computer to allow registered users to stay logged in. If you decide to login, your public Nexus id and username will be stored. The app stores information on the characters you create and which items you have collected. No other information is stored in any way. You may request all your data to be removed at any time via a private message on Nexus. My username is @Sekhmet13.


This tool was developed by Alexander Fuchsberger using Elixir/Phoenix and is open-source licened (MIT). You may use this code in partial or full but you need to credit me with a link to the original Github repository. The best way to provide feedback or report issues is via the official Github page.


IceCreamAssassin and the entire LOTD team for creating such an awesome mod and allowing me to use their logo.
Pickysaurus for helping me with the Nexus API and coding a script to extract the necessary information from the involved esps.